Dairy Microbiology


Dairy Microbiology department was started on August 2008, since then Dr. C.D. Khedkar was head of the department. we have updated /equip the laboratory with sophisticated instrumentation facility. The department has to play a vital role in the era of food safety law 2006 in the Total quality management (TQM) in coordination with other departments. We have extended the starter culture / fermented dairy product cultures to the common man of the society through our participation in Exhibition/ melas/ milk producers workshop , etc. we have also enhance the awareness about Clean milk production / application of cold chain and various schemes available with governments are introduce to the milk producers.

Faculty in the Department

A. Dr D N Bajad
B. Prof. P.R. Bachanti.

Under Graduate Courses offer by Department of Dairy Microbiology

1 Fundamental of Microbiology 2+1
2 Introductory Dairy Microbiology 2 (1+1)
3 Microbiology of Starter Culture and Fermented Dairy Products 2+2
4 Dairy Biotechnology 1+1
5 Food And Industrial Microbiology 2+1
6 Microbiology of Dairy Products 2+1
7 Quality Assurance Dairy Microbiology 1+1
Total 20(12+8)

Laboratory Facilities

The department of Dairy Microbiology offers seven courses .The instruments required for practical classes of various courses occupy significant space. The lists of major instruments procured from ICAR are:

Refrigerator, Laminar air flow, LPG Gas connection, Autoclave, BOD Incubators, Hot Air OvenMicrowave oven, Magnetic stirrer, Colony counter, Water Distillation unit, Compound microscope, Water bath, Auto Cooling Boxes, Freeze Dryer, PCR Machine, UV Spectrophotometer, Electronic weighing balance ,High speed Centrifuge Machine, etc.